The fishing on the lake is exclusive for the residents of the log cabin and unhooking mats and landing nets are provided. There is also a building with a bait fridge and storage for fishing tackle.

Bywater Lake was formed well over 100 years ago from the extraction of clay for brick and tile making industry. Since then it has transformed into a beautiful lake which is now well stocked mixed coarse lake and home to some specimen carp up to 28lbs, pike up to 25 lbs, bream up to 11 lbs, eels up to 6 lbs!

If you are coming here to fish for the Carp please note it is not a Carp runs water, these beautiful Carp do not give themselves up easily and will test your skill and water craft, but is well worth the effort when you land one.

There are 8 swims to choose from set around the lake.